Hi, I'm Abra.

picture of Abra Dickson White

How can I help you?

Do you have amazing creative ideas, but don’t know how to implement them? Or are you looking for engaging, advanced, and beautiful solutions? This is where a creative technologist comes into play! 

"The role of creative technologist has been conceived to bridge the gap between the two departments, marrying the visual aesthetic with what is technically viable."

With my extensive professional experience and education in both creative and technology fields, bridging this gap is what I can do for YOU. I can help you find solutions that are pleasing to the eye, will work with what you have access to, and then implement this solution for you.


If you are ready to take your ideas to the next level, and want a passionate and caring professional to help you, we should chat! 


I have always been interested in both art and technology, and to me they’ve always made sense together. That’s why when I attended Wellesley College, I pursued interdisciplinary majors that allowed me to explore media/art as well as computer science.


When I graduated in 2015, I started a career freelancing for feature films. I had a lot of amazing experiences and learned a lot. On the side, I kept designing and developing. Jump forward five years, and a move, a marriage, and a pandemic brought me back to my original passions.


I now work as a freelance creative technologist full-time. I am always pursuing opportunities that lie in that area between art and technology. Most recently that has meant a lot of generative art! I am so happy to be working this amazing and dynamic field. Originally from Massachusetts, USA, I now live and work in Northern Ireland. 


Bachelor of Arts

Media Arts and Sciences: Computer Science

Cinema and Media Studies: Production

Production Management

PR & Marketing


Issued April 2021 – No Expiration Date

Credential ID: acba2756debf4cc782d00f2c8656f227


Issued April 2021 – No Expiration Date

Credential ID: bab2ee681ac74a7f8512a347d5b13a7a

Unity Technologies

Issued September 2021 – No Expiration Date

Certified by Credly

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